Local restaurant parking situation upsets residents

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Some locals are upset about the parking situation at a popular restaurant.

News 10's Brian Wilk talked with some neighbors and owners of businesses on the same block as the Arcadia Smokehouse in Lansing that say they are fed up with the parking situation, which in turn is forcing the city to put pressure on the new restaurant.

During the day, there are plenty of open parking spots for people shopping or dining near the intersection of East Michigan and North Fairview avenues, where the Arcadia Smokehouse recently opened its doors.

Anthony Alfonso lives next door to the restaurant.

"Since the restaurant opened, especially on the weekends," he said, "it's very difficult to find a parking spot in this parking lot, which is primarily where we park."

Neighbors told News 10 that the customers fill up the lots and then start parking up and down the side streets, forcing them to walk a long way to get home.

"It's definitely more difficult. It's a nuisance having to walk five minutes or so just to get back to our house from where you parked," neighbor Daniel Nemith said.

Nearby business owners are frustrated too.

Barbara Murray says people park in her boutique's spots but end up going to the restaurant.

Murray is the owner of The Bead Boutique.

"It has caused a problem and our planning should have been a little better because we don't have a lot of access for people to come to our business."

"It's unfair," said Dawn Botke-Coe, owner of the Triple Goddess Bookstore. "It's difficult, they are already competing for space with all the business and new places."

Wilk talked to the manager of the Arcadia Smokehouse, located at 2101 E. Michigan Ave., and was told there are no plans to build a bigger parking lot because it would cost a lot of money.

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor told News 10 that there is no need for additional parking and that the smokehouse followed city requirements with 16 parking spaces. He added that there are around 600 more between Parking Lot 8, Michigan Avenue, and the neighborhood streets.