Man claims credit card stolen by employee at Mason McDonald's

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MASON, MI. (WILX) -- Just like he does almost every day, Charles March stopped by the drive-thru at the McDonald's on Kipp Road last week to get his iced tea and a bite to eat.

A local man is telling people to stay away from a McDonald's in Mason after he says his card was stolen by an employee.

The worker there gave him his food, and he was on his way.

"I went to get a coffee the next morning and realized my card was gone," March said.

That's when called his bank, and learned his debit card had been used at the convenience store attached to the restaurant.

"They tried spending over $200 on the very first shot."

He immediately shut down his card and filed a report with Mason police.

March has lived in the Mason area for almost 30 years.

"You wouldn't expect something like that here," he said. "Coming here all the time, you know a lot of the workers here, you don't expect that kind of crap, but what can you do? Not everybody's true and honest anymore."

He took to Facebook and quickly learned from some of the comments that he wasn't alone.

"I guess they've had the same issue here, so I'm surprised this place is still open if you want the honest truth," he said.

March has a message to the employee who took his card.

"It kind of ruined my Fourth of should have thought about it prior to what you did. I didn't deserve to have a bad Fourth because you wanted to play stupid."

In a statement, McDonald's of Michigan said the company has been in contact with police and "we will continue to cooperate fully with them."

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