UPDATE: Founders Brewery closes their doors in Detroit

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EAST LANSING, MI (WILX) -- One of Michigan's best-known beer companies is no longer welcome at a growing number of bars and stores around the state.

A sign hangs where Founders beer used to be in the East Lansing Liquor store Spartan Spirits (source, WILX).

That's because Founders Brewery is the subject of a racial discrimination lawsuit, a suit that led to an unflattering viral quote.

As a result of the scrutiny surrounding the lawsuit, the brewing company is closing it's entire metro Detroit operations.

The Founders Taproom in Detroit, behind Detroit's Masonic Temple is closed indefinitely. Founders sites "employee safety" as the reason for the closure.

Our Detroit affiliate obtained a leaked deposition from the lawsuit, which raised a lot of eyebrows. In it, Founders general manager Dominic Ryan said he didn't know the employee suing him is black. That was the last straw for the owner of Spartan Spirits.

"I can hold my head up proudly and say I don't stand for this type of behavior," owner Michael Mansour said.

You won't find Founders beer on the shelves or in the beer cave at Spartan Spirts anytime soon. The owner pulled them Monday, after reading an article about the racial discrimination lawsuit.

He says he doesn't feel comfortable having Founders products in his business.

"When I work closely with people of color, I employ people of color, I am married to a woman of color. I work with people of color throughout this industry and I just couldn't see myself keeping my head up proudly when there was a situation like that," Mansour added.

Spartan Spirits is just one business around the state cutting ties with Founders. Several other liquor stores and bars did the same. The organizers of Lansing's "Quality Scary" festival even asked Founders to step down as the sponsor of the event.

Mansour hopes the Founders will try to make amends. But for now, Founders customers will have to get their fix somewhere else.

"I believe in this case...money doesn't matter. I can take the loss of the product," he said. "There is plenty of other Michigan-based beer companies out there. We have a huge beer state here in Michigan and there are many other products to choose from to fill those shelves."

Founders has also pulled out of Michigan Brewers Guild 11th Annual Fall Festival in Detroit this weekend.

NEWS 10 reached out to Founders for comment but we have not heard back.

In a statement on Founders website, the company says the employee who's suing was fired because of his job performance.

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