Local fire dept. performs burn demo on electrical fires

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DELTA TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WILX) - The month of May brings spring to Michigan and with spring and warmer temperatures, more fans get plugged in, the A/C goes on and there's a greater chance for electrical fires.

Governor Snyder even recently proclaimed May as "Electrical Safety Month."

According to the Delta Twp. Fire Department, the main causes of electrical fires in Michigan homes last year were related to heat from power and operating equipment. That lead to 4,343 reported fires.

There were 9 civilian deaths, 91 civilian injuries and 29 fire fighter injuries related to electrical home structure fires in the state in 2017.

And the total dollar loss resulting from those home fires caused by electrical failure or malfunction was more than $72.7 million.

On Thursday, Delta Twp. Fire Station 1 set up a mock room with an electrical malfunction fire ignited inside it. They wanted to demonstrate the dangers of an electrical fire in the home. They also demo'd how a battery thrown into a garbage can can start a fire.