Local businesses getting burglarized; one suspect in custody

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - For weeks, businesses in the Lansing area have been burglarized.

A 17-year-old boy has been arrested, but police are looking for another 17-year-old suspect.

The owner of Olympic Broil in Lansing feels angry and violated, but thankfully, his restaurant was fitted with great security that caught the suspects red-handed last week as they attempted to steal money.

"They finally hop in. He sees if there's money in the cash register because the drawers closed, but there's nothing in there," said Theodore Alexander, the restaurant owner's son.

The burglars got away with an empty cash register and counterfeit bills. The owner told News 10 he kept the cash around to train his employees on how to spot fake cash.

On October 9, Lansing police were able to identify several suspects and were able to get warrants issued. Police arrested Laprece Mar'quel Stitt-Nathan, 17, Tuesday night. They're looking for another suspect, Corey Michael Stewart, also 17.

''They have to learn that there's right and wrong. Obviously their families didn't teach them that so society is burdened with that to train these people how to act," said Mike Alexander, the owner of Olympic Broil.

Over the past several weeks, police said there's been a string of breaking and entering into businesses in the city. The Green Door Bar & Grill at E. Michigan Ave. was also targeted.

"You always worry if they're going to put other people's lives in danger. That's a big concern. Again you have to protect yourself from that also," Theodore said.

The Alexanders' said they're not letting fear stop them from doing what they love most which is serving the community.

"Stand up to crime. Be prepared. Get your security cameras in place. Be prepared," Mike said.

Stitt-Nathan was arraigned on Tuesday on the following charges:

Count 1: Breaking and Entering / Building with intent
Count 2: Breaking and Entering / Building with intent
Count 3: Larceny in a Building

Stewart of Lansing, is still at large.

Anyone with information on Stewart is asked to call Lansing Police Department 517-483-4600, Detective Terry Blount 517-483-6862 or Crime Stoppers 517-483-7867.

This is a breaking news story. WILX News 10 is working to get more details on this story, and will update the story as more information becomes available.