Mid-Michigan animal shelters packed tight, urge people to adopt

 Many animal shelters have reached max capacity. (Source: WILX).
Many animal shelters have reached max capacity. (Source: WILX). (WILX)
Published: Jul. 16, 2019 at 6:47 PM EDT
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If you're looking to adopt an animal, now might be a better time than ever.

Shelters in the area are at max capacity. The Jackson County Animal shelter tells me people are losing pets, and when the pets turn up, they never come to get them.

"This time of the year, specifically this year, there are so many animals that are coming in on a daily basis, it's more than we can keep up with" Lydia Sattler, of the Jackson County Animal Shelter, said.

Whether it's more dogs running around in the nicer weather, more people moving this time of year or more vacations so they surrender them, shelters are filling up. But the biggest reason of all: kitten season.

"Cats are having kittens everywhere. A lot of strays. Cats are taking up residences under people's houses. We're full on cats. I know people are looking for places to take cats and right now we don't have space," Sattler said.

The Jackson County Animal Shelter isn't the only animal shelter that is experiencing overcrowding. The Capital Area Humane Society is seeing an excess in animals too.

"Shelters want to take every animal that needs them, but the reality is and I think the community needs to understand is there's a limit for our shelter, there's a limit for every agency that helps animals, and unfortunately this time of year is when everyone has his their limits," the Capital Area Humane Society's Julia Willson said.

So what can people do to keep the population down?

"Truly, spaying and neutering your animals, that prevents unwanted litters. There are only so many homes available for dogs and cats and they can multiply very quickly," Sattler said.

"Use your shelter, choose your shelter. The solution has to be here in our community for local shelters and that's why it's so important for everyone to do their part to get involved and save the lives of shelter pets in our community," Willson added.

Many shelters offer discounts on animals in the summertime to empty the shelters.

To see adoptable animals at the Jackson County Animal Shelter, click here. To see adoptable animals at the Capital Area Humane Society, click here.


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