Local Students Mixed On Campus Safety

EAST LANSING, Mich. (WILX) -- It's been two decades since the deadly shooting at Columbine High school and today marks the 20th Anniversary.

News Ten went to Michigan State University (MSU) to ask students if they feel safe on campus and here is what they had to say.

Nina Darawich an MSU sophomore, said, "I do um -- during the day, yeah, but sometimes I'll stay at the library really late at night and then I'll walk home alone and I do get a little scared, and I like to call somebody just to have someone on the phone.

But it is a little scary at night, yeah"

One Resident Assistant says she feels safe and has even gone through training if an active shooter is ever on campus.

"We are required to go into active shooting like -- mode.

We've got different things where we have to lock ourselves in our dorms.

We have different protocols to let the residents know what's going on um- like there is different things, different levels and stuff that we have to follow," said Erica Schaeffer an MSU sophomore and Resident Assistant.

Even though there are protocols in place for active shooter situations, some students feel Michigan State hasn't prepared them.

"We haven't really been informed if there's like practice drills or anything of the sort.

So um I feel like they haven't really prepared use that well," said Sarah Conley an MSU junior.

One student hopes they would know how to handle the situation, but still wouldn't feel confident in the presence of an active shooter.

Chim Okoroji an MSU grad student said, "I would like to think that I would know what to do, but I think at the end of the day you're really kind of relying on those alerts and things like that.

I would hope that I would be able to sorta get into action if that were something that would happen."

However, if there is an emergency, the university has emergency towers around the campus to ensure the students' safety.

Bryan Morrison an MSU Alumnus said, "Someone can call (the) MSU police directly if there's an emergency.

If someones walking (and) sees something, or they are in any kind of danger they're able to connect with emergency services quickly"

Even though there are emergency towers on campus most students feel a little unsure about how they would handle an active shooter on campus.