Local Students Learn from Foreign Exchange

MASON, Mich. (WILX) -- Mid-Michigan students are connecting with others from around the world thanks to a foreign exchange program helping them widen their global view.

News 10 Today's morning anchor Lora Painter talks with students from Mason and overseas to find out how and what they are learning from each other.

Hieu Nguyen is a teenager from Vietnam. His friend Amelia Mills is from Mid-Michigan. They both attend Mason High School. Mills said he friend's fascination with snow gave her a new perspective on it.

Amelia Mills said, "It makes me really grateful for the snow. I couldn't imagine living without it."

Hieu Nguyen is just one of many international students who come to Mid-Michigan to study English and learn what makes American culture tick. The cultural exchanges help students from all countries become open to new ideas.

Mills said, "It's not only important to learn about other cultures. It's also great to learn about other cultures from a first person perspective. You can learn it from a book and that's all fine. But really a book is just a book, and a person they can tell you stories and tell you about what their culture is really like."

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