Local 'Ninja Warrior' training for his shot on NBC

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LANSING, MI (WILX) - It's a dream come true for a local athlete.

Zane Paksi, or the Z-man, is training for his shot to compete on NBC's American Ninja Warrior program, next up qualifying in Cincinnati. (Source: WILX)

He's hoping to get his shot on NBC's American Ninja Warrior.

He's Zane Paksi, also known as the "Z-man," and we asked him how he's getting ready for his tryout.

He told us that some of his secrets are no soda, home cooked meals, family support, and words of encouragement from a mentor with an amputated leg.

He's a St. John's native, a collegiate pole vaulter, and he's a lover of all things for "Ninja" training.

Paksi says that growing up he always watched the show with his grandparents and he was always climbing around on trees.

His reaction to getting this tryout for American Ninja Warrior, "It's unreal, it's unbelievable, a dream come true."

In order to be considered a candidate, Zane had to fill out an application and send in a three minute home video.

Now he's on his way to Cincinnati, OH for the regional qualifying round.

Paksi says he's really excited for the wall.

"I really want to get there, I've been up warp walls and I think I can blow some people away."

When Paksi is not battling this obstacle course at his ninja gym, he's battling a medical issue.

"I actually have a back injury. I have a fractured spine and it will not heal on its own, live with it everyday and have chronic pain."

His pain is a motivation to inspire others.

"I was going to be in pain anyways, I might as well do something cool," says Paksi.

If Paksi can make it through the obstacle course in Cincinnati, he will advance to the finals in Las Vegas.

This is the show's eleventh season.

The premier is next Wednesday, May 29, at 8 p.m. right here on WILX.

We'll let you know if Paksi will be on the show.

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