Living on the Edge: Lake Huron erosion

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DETROIT, MI (WILX) -- Homes, and homeowners, are living on the edge along Lake Huron in Michigan.

The powerful weekend storm pounded the shoreline, north of Detroit. (Source: WILX)

The powerful weekend storms pounded the shoreline north of Detroit.

Strong winds and waves caused severe erosion destabilizing at least one home and leaving about five more homes in danger.

One homeowner lost most of his yard and worries his home is next. He bought the home just a year ago.

"It's ah, it's, you know, it's crumbling a little bit right now, but anymore action underneath--that will cause it to cave in. It could come up and take the house," said Gary Smith, Lake Huron homeowner.

Smith also said he recently found out that his insurance doesn't cover erosion.

Even if his house falls completely into the lake, the company doesn't consider erosion as a cause.

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