Lawyer's expert opinion on Nassar's plea

Published: Nov. 15, 2017 at 11:23 PM EST
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It was announced Wednesday that Larry Nassar's plea hearing for Ingham County will be next Wednesday and the Eaton County hearing will be the following Wednesday.

The speculation is that the announcement of this plea hearing means Nassar will be pleading guilty. News Ten's Marcus Dash spoke with Cooley Law School Professor Anthony Flores about why that is just an assumption. He says he has been a part of many trials and cases where they reached a plea agreement, set a hearing, and the whole thing just fell apart.

Flores also thinks that Nassar may end up pleading no contest. It is a tactic that wouldn't allow the Federal Court hearing his civil case to use his words against him.

Even with a no contest plea Nassar will face the same criminal charges as if it was a guilty plea. If he were to plead guilty, he would have to testify to what he did under oath in open court.

We will have more information for you as the Nassar hearings continue.