Lawsuit sheds light on alleged assault by Sparrow CEO

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - News 10's Alani Letang dug into the lawsuit filed by the Virginia accuser of Sparrow CEO, E. W. Tibbs.

Letang has read the lawsuit that includes the events leading up to the alleged assault, the play by play of the alleged assault, and everyone involved.

The lawsuit names Stephanie Hale as the one E.W. Tibbs allegedly sexually assaulted and injured in a Lynchburg, Virginia hotel room.

Hale met Tibbs in 2016.

During an employee orientation, Hale was hired as a nurse to staff a substance abuse rehab facility operated by Centra.

Soon after, Hale received sexually suggestive emails from a man named "Ethan Thoms," disguised as a UFC fighter, according to the lawsuit.

Hale sent some dismissive emails hoping they would stop.

That's when Hale's then-boyfriend, Robert Peters intervened and thought Hale was cheating on him.

Still unaware of who Ethan Thoms" was, Peters began impersonating Hale, using her phone and email to communicate with Ethan.

The lawsuit says Peters sent sexually suggestive replies to try and identify Ethan Thoms and see if Hale was telling him the truth.

Hale became aware of a co-worker of hers who was also receiving emails from Ethan Thoms.

He left a voicemail on the co-worker's phone and Hale recognized it was E.W. Tibbs.

Hale told her boyfriend and the lawsuit says that Peters still didn't fully believe her.

However, he emailed Ethan saying that he knew it was in fact Tibbs.

The lawsuit states that shortly after that email was sent, Hale was falsely accused of drug use at work.

It states that she had to take three random drug tests which came back negative, and a supervisor lifted her shirt to check for track marks.

Hale was fired from Centra on February 27, 2017.

The lawsuit states that Peters had a plan to confirm it was Tibbs in the emails.

Hale was aware after it was executed.

Peters emailed impersonated Hale again by emailing Tibbs to engage in paid sex at a hotel in March 2017.

The plan...Hale would get an extra room key card and leave it at the lobby for the boyfriend.

Peter asked a friend to video record the encounter, and Hale agreed to play along to end her boyfriend's harassment and distrust and to prove that Ethan Thomas was Tibbs.

This is how it played out...
Hale and Tibbs met at the hotel, he gave her money to get the room.

Peters will use the spare key, but he had a hard time finding the room.

Inside the room, Tibbs locked the door immediately and began pouring drinks for them.

Then he stripped naked and demanded Hale do the same

Hale tried to go to the bathroom, that's when the lawsuit says Tibbs grabbed her, trying to take her clothes off and groping her breast and genitals.

She broke free from his grip and ran to the bathroom.

Peters finally found the room but couldn't get in because it was locked from the inside.

All caught on camera, he began yelling and calling for Hale, who tried to leave the bathroom but Tibbs was in her way.

Tibbs still naked, tried to now jump out the window, according to the lawsuit.

At that point, Hale was able to get free from the bathroom.

Peters was still pounding on the door and Tibbs ran into the bathroom, knocking Hale into a wall and then on the floor, and locked himself in the bathroom.

Peters is let in and demands Tibbs come out of the bathroom.

When he does, he tries to give the boyfriend a wad of cash but then throws it on the floor.

Peters and Tibbs continue their argument in the parking lot while Hale stays in the room.

The lawsuit says that Tibbs was able to get Hale's email address from her employment records.

After the incident, Tibbs was given a choice to resign immediately or be fired.

He chose to resign and the lawsuit states that Centra gave him glowing accolades.

Sparrow has placed Tibbs on paid administrative leave pending further investigation.

The hospital has appointed an acting president and CEO.