Lawmakers look to install cameras on school buses

Children will be walking, biking and getting on school buses now and drivers need to be...
Children will be walking, biking and getting on school buses now and drivers need to be especially aware of them before and after school hours. (Source AAA) (WILX)
Published: Oct. 24, 2019 at 3:19 AM EDT
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A bipartisan group of state lawmakers are working to tackle safety both inside and outside school buses.

A bill package is currently in the works to install cameras on school buses statewide.

This will help catch drivers that illegally pass school buses.

In just the last year, State Police data shows there have been more than one thousand crashes involving school buses.

This week is National School Bus Safety Week.

According to a student advocate group, one thousand bus drivers said in a survey they were passed illegally over 500 times in just one day.

Earlier this year, Holt and Mason schools installed cameras on the stop arms of their buses.

State law says drivers must stop 20 feet away from a school bus when it is stopped with red flashing lights.

It is illegal to continue driving when a bus is picking up kids,but when yellow lights are flashing drivers can pass with caution.

Currently, drivers can be charged a civil infraction for passing a stopped bus,but another bill in the package would increase that penalty to a misdemeanor.

Legislation similar to this was introduced in the Senate last month.

A third bill in that package would also make it a crime for someone to enter a school bus without the driver's permission.

In some cases it would be a felony.

The buses would also be allowed to have a sticker saying that people trying to get on without permission could be arrested.

The legislation is currently in a House Committee.

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