Lawmakers are scrambling to find a solution for missed school days

Published: Feb. 28, 2019 at 4:24 AM EST
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There's no denying this winter has been brutal.

Some schools in Michigan have used 15 snow days this school year and lawmakers are scrambling to find a solution to make up some of those days.

Lawmakers are considering a few different proposals, but there isn't a set plan yet.

Some of the proposals discuss forgiving all of the snow days so far this year or just the days during the state of emergency.

Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich says the obvious decision is to forgive the days during the state of emergency.

If that was to happen, schools could forgive up to 12 snow days.

Three days would be taken from the state of emergency, three the Michigan Board of Education can grant, and six that are already given by the state.

A couple of bills to help out school districts have both been introduced in the State House and State Senate, but they're still in the early stages.

News 10 will continue to track this story.