UPDATE: Nassar legal team argues to appeal Ingham County sentence

Dr. Larry Nassar, former team physician for USA Gymnastics, in court for sexual assault, Photo Date: 1/24/2018 / Photo: HLN / (MGN)
Dr. Larry Nassar, former team physician for USA Gymnastics, in court for sexual assault, Photo Date: 1/24/2018 / Photo: HLN / (MGN)
Published: Mar. 2, 2020 at 2:56 PM EST
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Larry Nassar's legal team made arguments to appeal his Ingham County sentence Tuesday morning.

55th District Court Judge Rosemarie Aquilina sentenced Nassar to 40-175 years in jail back in early 2018 for sexually abusing hundreds of young women. Nassar is also serving a 60-year sentence for child pornography in federal prison.

Nassar's attorney is arguing Judge Aquilina shouldn't have heard Nassar's resentencing hearing.

His attorney claims Judge Aquilina posted on social media about the case before the hearing showing bias.

Judge Douglas B. Shapiro, hearing the case, said Nassar was sentenced according to the plea agreement. Nassar was sentenced to 40 years in prison for Ingham County. The judge also noted that Nassar was sentenced to the same 40 years in Eaton County.

Nassar's attorney asked for equal treatment from the court saying Judge Aquilina agreed with victims, showing bias.

However, the judges hearing the case say she was trying to "cool the tone" after more than 100 victims testified.

Nassar's attorney said Judge Aquilina wanted to be a leader in the movent.

During Nassar's trial, Judge Aquilina made headlines with comments such as, "It is my honor and privilege to sentence you," and "Our constitution does not allow for cruel and unusual punishment. If it did, I would allow some, or many people, to do to him, what he did to others."

At the time of his sentencing, Judge Aquilina said to Nassar that she had, "just signed your death warrant."

The effects of the Nassar case are still ongoing. USA Gymnastics has proposed a settlement that would provide financial compensation for victims of Nassar's crimes but would release U.S. Olympic officials, and some former gymnastics leaders, from liability.

On the TODAY Show Monday morning, three-time Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman was asked how she perceived the proposed settlement.

"Not very well. It's honestly offensive, it shows they don't care, they're just trying to, you know, push it under the rug and hoping people will forget about it when they watch the Olympics this summer," Raisman said.

Raisman claims USA Gymnastics and the Olympic Committee are not answering her questions and refuse to release documents and data pertaining to the Nassar case. Recently, Raisman and fellow Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles, said USA Gymnastics and the U.S. Olympic Committee were blocking their efforts to understand why Larry Nassar was able to abuse so many athletes, including themselves, for so long.

Under the proposal, survivors who were abused at the Olympics or world championships would receive more than a million dollars.

About a half a million dollars would go to non-elite gymnasts abused at USA Gymnastics events.

Survivors assaulted at non-USA Gymnastics events would receive $174,000.

Survivors with "derivative claims" would be paid a little more than $82,000.

Nassar is at USP Coleman II, a high-security penitentiary in Sumterville, Florida.

It is unclear at this time how long the judges could take to make a decision.

You can follow live tweets from the hearing and watch a stream of the hearing at the bottom of this article.

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