Lansing mayor announces plans for city-wide reform as protests continue

Published: Jun. 16, 2020 at 10:58 AM EDT
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After weeks of protests and calls to defund the police, Lansing Mayor Andy Schor released his plan for city-wide reform on Tuesday.

The plan, called the "Racial Justice and Community Action Proposals" says the Mayor will immediately:

1. Initiate a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion plan that includes an environmental scan conducted by Teresa Bingman.

2. Finalize the creation of a Diversity and Inclusion Officer position.

3. Build a centralized transparency resource on the city's website.

4. Implement implicit bias training in the Mayor’s Office.

5. Mandate police reconciliation training.

Mayor Schor also signed two pledges focusing on police reform, the



"It's been a few weeks since George Floyd was killed and that was horrific and this is something that we need to be working on diversity. We need to working on equity, we need to be working on racial justice. This is a hot button issue and this is a good time to strike while the iron is hot to get this out and to start doing this work," said Schor.

Several community members have called for Schor to resign, but he says he isn't going anywhere.

"I'm going to continue to do the job and on behalf of all of the citizens of the city of Lansing. I was elected to do a job and I'm going to do that job," said Schor.

His office says the next phase of the plan includes a town hall listening session held by Mayor’s Diversity and Inclusion Council.

It also calls for police "use of force" community conversations to be held by the police Board of Commissioners. In addition, it includes a budget review discussion with the community.

"To talk about our community resources, to talk about how much we put into social services, how much we put into policing enforcement, and policing community services into a whole variety of things that I know people are concerned about now," said Schor.

The long term plans calls for a discussion with City Council to work on budgetary adjustments suggested during the town halls.

Some members of the community say they've heard the promises before and are still calling for Schor to resign.

"This is a complete 360 of what we already had and got nothing out of. He's had two years to make this right. He's had two years to put these reforms in. This is what he ran on. He ran on transparency. He ran on diversity," said MichaeL Lynn Jr. "It's really more or less for him about getting out of the situation right now as it sits, not about lasting change to help the black and brown communities of this city."

Following the initial meetings and sharing of results, the plan is to then develop and implement any needed policy changes for the police department.

Changes to the city charter and city ordinances will also be considered.

A timeline has not yet been released.

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