UPDATE: Lansing woman has water pipe fixed for free

LANSING, MI. (WILX) -- Friday morning Jackie Anes woke up to a phone call with great news.

The City of DeFuniak Springs will not cut off water or gas services for late payments in March. (Max Pixel)

Michigan Plumbing has offered to fix her leaky water pipe at no cost.

A crew went to her house Friday morning and spent a couple of hours fixing her leaky pipe.

The pipe is located in a crawlspace under Anes' mobile home.

The plumbers said there were multiple leaks in her pipe.

Luckily they were able to repair it and bring water back into her home.

Overnight Michigan Plumbing sprang into action after seeing the original report on News 10 Thursday night.

News 10 received dozens of phone calls and emails from people offering to help pay for Anes' pipe repairs.

Anes said, "A girl named Jackie called me and told me this morning. She saw your newscast last night and she said 'You can't be without water.'"

Anes said she is thankful for the outpour of support and generosity.

She said, "Michigan Plumbing. Did I say they exceed your expectations because they exceeded mine and the people that tried to contribute on my behalf. Thank you. Thank you so much."

When Jackie Anes came home from surgery this past year she noticed her water pipe had a leak in it.

She had to turn her water off in her home because the pipe was leaking.

Now she's living in her home without any water.

Every day she has to buy around a dozen water jugs from the grocery to stay clean.

She uses them to wash her hands, her hair, and flush her toilet.

Jaqueline Anes said she is waiting on her stimulus check to pay for the repairs.

She said, "I had two of my neighbors come over and go under and turn the water on and see water gushing out."

She's planning to use her stimulus check to pay for the repairs, estimated at around $500, but the check hasn't arrived yet leaving her to work around the lack of running water.

Anes said, "It's frustrating. You have to lift the back of the toilet up and fill it up with water, flush it."

"Hygiene, washing my hair, washing dishes, trying to bleach every day because of this virus every day. Trying to be safe," Anes said.

Anes' landlord is not responsible for fixing this kind of issue.

She says she's looking for outside help until her check shows up.

Anes said, "I'm trying to go through different resources like Holy Cross and that and I hadn't really gotten far."

The "Stay home" order does allow plumbers to work on things like broken pipes as long as they practice social distancing.

If you would like to help, please send your contact information to newstips@wilx.com.

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