UPDATE: Unemployment staff at Michigan Works office next week

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Capital Area Michigan Works will have unemployment staff on-site next week to help people affected by the closure of the Lansing unemployment office.

The building at Jolly and Cedar has been closed for weeks because of a problem with its roof.

Unemployment workers will be able to help people file paperwork at the Michigan Works office on Cedar, just south of Mount Hope on Monday and Tuesday.

There's still no word on when the unemployment office will reopen.

Original story:
People trying to get into an unemployment office in Lansing, were greeted with a sign on the door saying the office was closed.

They reached out to News 10 after not being able to get into the Unemployment Insurance Agency Problem Resolution Office at Jolly and Cedar in Lansing.

"I was laid off. I do construction."

When Kris Gailey wasn't getting his unemployment check, he went to the office Wednesday to figure out what the hold up was.

"That's when I discovered the office was closed," he said.

A sign on the door said the office would be open on Thursday so he came back the next day, along with many others, only to find the doors locked again.

"My unemployment, unfortunately is my income two to three months out of the year. This is how I pay my bills. This is how I eat. This is how I stay warm."

Gailey said he doesn't own a computer so he couldn't fill out the claim online. He also tried the number on the sign, but all lines were busy.

The sign on Thursday read to go to Capital Area Michigan Works for help instead, which is five minutes away.

Gailey said he didn't see that part.

"That is not being publicly notified to people very well."

Chris DeWitt, a spokesperson for the Unemployment Insurance Agency said the office has been closed since December 18th because of a roof leak and repairs have taken longer than expected.

"There have been a couple of dates that we thought the landlord would have repairs done and we would be able to get people back in, but unfortunately it just hasn't happened the way we would like it," DeWitt said.

DeWitt said they did try to make the closure as clear to people as possible.

"We have been updating our website and as well as using our social media platforms to try and get the word out. Obviously some people may have missed that and we apologize for that inconvenience."

DeWitt hopes the office will be open next week, but he can't say for sure.

After News 10's Carla Bayron told Gailey that there was an alternative office, he went there Thursday afternoon and after a two-hour wait, his claim did go through. But, he hasn't seen the money in his bank account yet.

The landlord refused to talk to News 10 about the roof problems and told Bayron to get off the property.

As of Friday morning - the office was still locked with no explanation.

From their website: Due to building problems, the Lansing Local Unemployment Insurance Office will be closed until Friday, Jan. 4. For assistance, please contact our customer service line at 1-866-500-0017; TTY 1-866-366-0004.