Lansing stocks up on road salt

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Mid-Michigan cities and counties have been going through a ton of road salt over the last few weeks. A tip from a WILX viewer informed us Lansing ran out.

News 10's Alani Letang found out the city's stockpile was very low early Wednesday.

The city received its delivery around 4 PM Wednesday. The order was for about 1,800 tons of salt. The city has used twice that much so far this winter, and it's ready to order more if needed.

"Roads are safe, done with the major streets, moving into local roads," said Andy Kilpatrick Public Service Director for the City Of Lansing

However, doing all that work left the city with very little salt as of Tuesday night. Letang was at the depot before Wednesday's delivery.

The three salt Bay's at the city of Lansing's Road Department were nearly empty. Kilpatrick told News 10 that the small amount of salt with Wednesday's weather and the future weather predictions, it's not a concern.

"We never want to be out. If something were to change that would be a concern," said Kilpatrick.

That's why the city keeps an eye on the ever-changing Michigan climate.

"We start to look at our salt levels and the weather, look out several days to a week in advance. And put that order in 3-4 days in advance of when we need that salt," said Kilpatrick.

The 4,800 tons the city has gotten so far isn't anything out of the ordinary. Its contract with the provider requires it to buy at least 6,500 tons for the season.

"We can order as much we need for a given season," said Kilpatrick.