Lansing player enjoys his role in a social media mix-up

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LANSING, MI (WILX) - A big social media mix-up led to Lansing Ignite player Brandon Fricke having to set the record straight with his friends.

It seems that the Lansing Ignite player saw his phone blow up after a twitter account claimed he was engaged to a well-known TV personality.

Fox News personality Tomi Lahren recently got engaged to a person named, Brandon Fricke, but it is not the Lansing Ignite team captain.

It is a different Brandon Fricke, who also has a Michigan Connection.

Lahren's fiance Brandon Fricke is a former Central Michigan University quarterback.

You may know that Tomi Lahren, the outspoken Fox News analyst, has over one million followers on twitter.

So, when news of the engagement broke, not all media outlets were aware of which Brandon Fricke was with Lahren.

One site, popculture.Com, reported that it was actually the Lansing Ignite captain marrying the Fox News star.

The team and even Lahren herself were quick to dismiss the so-called, "fake news."

"People were definitely confused. I think people were taking light of the situation," said Fricke. "I think that anyone that knew me, knew this was the case so, they were kind of making fun at it."

The mixup was something Fricke and his friends laughed off.

Fortunately, so did his current girlfriend.

"She was just as surprised as me, she took fun of it too. She asks 'is this real?' and I said if it is I've done a good job of hiding it," said Fricke.

Fricke said now that the record has been set straight and he is ready to move on and focus back in on soccer.

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