Lansing man accused of producing child pornography by feds

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LANSING, MI (WILX) - On Wednesday, federal authorities raided a home in Lansing and requested an arrest warrant from a judge for a man accused of producing child pornography.

Michael Jospeh McShan's House

In a criminal complaint filed in Detroit, the Department of Homeland Security accuses Michael Jospeh McShan of Lansing of using another woman to lure a 16-year-old into a relationship with him. The minor told investigators that once she ran away from home to live with McShan on August 8, 2019.

She told federal authorities she left her home in Waterford, Michigan by car and met McShan at a gas station in Lansing. From there, the document states that McShan drove her to his home on Grand River Avenue.

Her parents reported her as missing. The minor said when McShan learned, he wouldn't let her leave his home.

While there she says she "wasn't allowed to eat, sleep, shower or drink water." After four days of non-stop caring for marijuana plants, the minor reportedly escaped McShan's home and traveled by foot to Capitol Region International Airport.

The minor first met the other woman through a cell phone app called Meet Me.

Court documents say that the woman introduced the minor to Michael McShan in December 2018.

After a few months, federal documents say that McShan began verbally threatening the minor.

The minor told federal authorities that McShan made her send nude pictures and videos of herself using Snapchat. The court documents state McShan bought the minor a sex toy and forced her to use it and send him videos of her using it. She said she sent Snapchat messages of this nature over the course of several months.

The minor told authorities that McShan was low on cash and forced the minor to give him money. The minor said she gave McShan about $4,000 over time and even stole $1,500 from her father to give to McShan.

The minor said that while living at home, McShan requested the minor to be sexual with her nine-year-old sister, including requests to see the nine-year-old naked and touched sexually.

On Wednesday, March 4, 2020, federal agents conducted a search of McShan's home in Lansing. Neighbors told News 10 that they saw boxes being brought out of the home by the agents on Tuesday morning.

This is a developing story. Stick with News 10 for more details.

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