Lansing man upset after hotel cancels his graduation party reservation

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - A Cooley Law School graduate is looking for answers after a hotel where he wanted to hold his banquet cancelled his reservation just days before his party.

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Akin Adeyemo went to Causeway Bay Hotel in Lansing on Monday to reserve a room for his graduation party. He was shown several rooms and discussed details for a party this Saturday.

“Later on they called me and they said they couldn't host my party and I was curious as to to why they would say that," said Adeyemo.

On Tuesday, he went back to the hotel with his wife to find out why they cancelled his reservation. He spoke to a woman who worked there who said they would be able to accommodate his party, she drew up a contract and he paid for the room. The full amount to rent the room was $471, and he received a receipt after paying.

On Wednesday he got another call from a different manager at the hotel who told him that they could no longer host his party at the hotel.

“She said no you should come in and get your refund that we can't host your party," Adeyemo said. "I was like what are you talking about we had a valid contract written and signed by both parties you cannot unilaterally opt out of this contract without incurring some damages."

That's when hotel employees told him that his contract wasn't official. Adeyemo wanted to know what happened, and they told him that the person who drafted his contract used the old template. He asked if they wanted him to come in and sign a new contract, the hotel still said no.

After that phone call Adeyemo went to the hotel to get his refund, and to see if he could speak with a manager in person. He mentioned the contract, and had his receipt, but the hotel staff would not back down. They told him to go talk to a lawyer, and that they still wouldn't host his party. At one point during this exchange hotel employees called the police, who asked Adeyemo to leave the property.
He did get a refund check.

News 10 was able to get in contact with the general manager Thursday, and they said that the contract wasn't valid because a manager never signed off on it. We obtained a copy of the contract, and it's clear that there was a signature on the manager line.

The hotel says that it actually wasn't a manager's signature, and that it was a temp worker's. They say that the temp worker did not have the authority to sign off on the contract. They claim that the manager that needed to sign off on the contract wasn't at the hotel until Wednesday.

Adeyemo says it shouldn't be his problem that employees at the hotel didn't follow protocol. He believes that since a hotel employee signed off on the contract, it should be valid.
"It is so disturbing that a Lansing hotel would discriminate against someone who has no criminal record whatsoever who wants to host his graduation party just for doing well in law school and for successfully completing his law program," Adeyemo said.

News 10 asked the hotel manager why she didn't just sign off on the contract when she got back in Wednesday. She says that the hotel was busy Saturday and wouldn't be able to accommodate his party.

News 10 did some investigating, and even called the hotel to ask about availability for a party on Saturday. The party we asked about was of similar size to Adeyemo's. The hotel told News 10 that they would be able to accommodate us without any problem.
So, then News 10 called back and asked the manager why the space was available fora us, and we were given a few different explanations.
One of the explanations was that the person we must have talked to is new, and didn't know what they were doing. The other explanation was that they were going to hold our party in a different part of the building that Adeyemo wanted.

Adeyemo will still have a graduation party, just not at the Causeway Bay Hotel. The party is Saturday, and he plans on holding it as his apartment complex.

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