Lansing joins Women's March

Published: Jan. 21, 2018 at 6:54 PM EST
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On the first anniversary of the Women's March, thousands reunited at the steps of the state capitol to march in celebration of the movements that have been started, and the steps they feel still need to be taken in the future.

Event attendee, Mary Dooley, says movements like #metoo have pushed activist to demand deeper social change and that this years Women's March was necessary.

"It is needed. It is something that i'm so grateful that we are to this point. I hate to say it was necessary but it defiantly brought us moving forward," said Dooley.

The streets in front of the capitol were covered with a multitude of colors representing the different movements going on around the country. Mary Street attended the Women's March last year in Washington D.C, and told News 10 the same excitement could be seen in Lansing today.

"The same mood is here. The excitement, the involvement, wanting to make positive changes," said Street.

Some of Michigan's political candidates were also in attendance at the rally. Haley Stevens, a candidate for congress in Michigan's 11th district, says the marches happening across the country are changing history.

"This is a marker in history. Last year we had the largest gathering of people in our nation's capital, frankly all around our country, and look at us all here in Lansing. We are shining a light on women's issues through a diversity of people coming together," said Stevens.