Lansing girl's 4th birthday turns into parade

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LANSING, MI. (WILX) -- Layla's fourth birthday party, like many other March, April, or even May birthdays, was a bit unique because of social distancing.

Layla's 4th birthday party turned into a parade because of social distancing.

"We were planning a birthday party for Layla...she wanted a tie-dye party so we were all set to go," said Gina, Layla's mother.

"Tell him I'm 4!" Layla said off camera.

The coronavirus forced their family to pull and audible.

"We had a parade," said Layla.

"I thought maybe we'd have 10-15 cars. Turns out we had 21 cars come for her birthday," said Gina.

From family to friends, no one got out of their cars, but everyone was able to sing happy birthday.

"The first car was her grandma hanging out of the sunroof with pom poms," said Gina. "We had neighbors show up that hadn't met her. By the third car I was crying."

Gina said there was a sense of relief for a family that's worked hard to keep Layla entertained during the stay at home order.

"As a parent, you always want the best for your kids," she said. "It's nice to see everyone come together to give her a birthday that she won't forget."

Of course, Layla got birthday presents. She showed me a scooter she got as one of her gifts.

It was a gift she could enjoy, with the parade just a cherry on top.

"She considers herself a princess anyway, said Gina, "so this just added to that."

Gina tells me that they'll have a barbecue when things calm down, and that they'll have that Tie Dye party very soon.