Lansing business shows support for union workers

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LANSING, MI (WILX) -- Amidst the stress caused by the strike, one local business is showing support to union workers by offering a free service to help them kick-back and relax.

From striking on the picket lines to striking in the bowling lanes, UAW members from General Motors and their suppliers are enjoying free games at Royal Scot in Lansing.

"The union workers have supported us for many years, our bowling alley stays full of union members. We have union leagues out here. We really appreciate their business, they support us year around and it's very important that we support them in the same way," Michael Maynard, Royal Scot Golf and Bowl manager said.

Maynard said his team wanted to give back to autoworkers by offering two free games to union members through out the duration of the strike.

"I understand they're going through some hard times right now, it might be tough for them; to give them a reason to get out here and have some fun and get away from this stressful situation," Maynard said.

And Maynard said union workers have been rolling in.

"We did have some UAW members here earlier this afternoon. They got together in the sports lounge, hung out a little bit and got some bowling in. We're here. We welcome them here and we wish them the best," Maynard said.

The offer is open daily between 9 and 5 p.m. to all union members on strike.

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