Lansing chamber offers guidance to employers about marijuana use

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) -- With marijuana now legal, both recreationally and medically in Michigan, there is a lot of uncertainty about how businesses should manage medical use among their employees.

The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce hosted a program on Thursday to help educate and guide businesses through the maze of possibilities when workers use marijuana.

Some business leaders were looking to find out if an employee can still be fired if they show up to work high.

"We're just now starting to lay out the regulatory framework for this new adult use market, so we want to work collaboratively with businesses and within industry to determine the best approach for that to make sure it's successful in the state," said Andrew Brisbo, the director of the Michigan Bureau of Marijuana Regulation.

It will be up to the individual business to decide whether they will tolerate marijuana use.

Businesses will be responsible for setting rules and guidelines for their employees to follow.