Lansing Millions of Dollars Short On Money for Roads

Published: May. 22, 2018 at 7:17 PM EDT
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The extra $400,000 Lansing came up with to fix city roads is nice. Lansing is spending about $8.5 million on roads in the next fiscal year. The city estimates it needs around $20 million just to keep things from getting worse.

"It's a joke. That $400,000, it's a joke, that won't fix nothing," said Lansing driver, William Fish.

"Nothing" is a strong word, but the money won't go very far. Even drivers who praise the city for doing something admit it.

"They are trying to help, but that little bit isn't going to do what it needs to do," said Lansing driver Zachary Pratt.

The drivers that think 400,000 dollars won't get the job done, they are right. The city tells Marcus Dash this will give them 8.5 million dollars for road projects, but they need 20 million dollars to improve the current road condition, so what is Lansing Mayor Andy Schor's next step?

"We are going to take the dollars we have, we are going to prioritize which roads that need to be fixed, we are going to maintain those roads, we are going to use a variety of solutions," said Mayor Andy Schor.

Mayor Schor says the city can't raise taxes any higher and it can't count on getting more money from the state, leaving Lansing in a frustrating spot.

"I can yell at the wind all I want. We can take the money that we have, we can fix what we can with those dollars," said Mayor Schor.

Which isn't much, as anyone who does much driving in Lansing can tell you.

"Maybe a few more potholes will get filled, but I mean the roads are just crumbling," said Pratt.

"They are just gonna buy more tar and gravel to fix potholes. They are not going to fix no roads," said Fish.

The city will be sinking more money into sidewalks. The budget approved last night includes 300,000 dollars for them.

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