UPDATE: Group behind fliers responds

Published: Feb. 25, 2019 at 12:03 PM EST
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Lansing Mayor Andy Schor released a statement on Monday, Feb. 25, regarding some posters that were found in Old Town.

The posters read:

Keep America American

, in bold red letters.

They were found spread around Old Town last week.

The poster also read:

Report any and all illegal aliens. They are criminals. Call: 1-866-DHS-2ICE

And a website lined the bottom that said

"It is disappointing to see groups like Patriot Front targeting diverse areas like Lansing's Old Town district. But know this, we are watching and we won't allow hate to divide us," said Dr. Agustin V. Arbulu, director Michigan Department of Civil Rights on their Facebook page.

The post included a number for people to call if they or someone they know, believes they have been targeted for unlawful discrimination, or know of bias motivated incidents in Michigan: 1-800-482-3604.

Schor said in his statement, "The fliers that have shown up in Old Town are not representative of Lansing residents."

He added that although free speech allows individuals to create the fliers and pass them out, discrimination is not allowed.

"There is a clear distinction between free speech and behavior that is intended to harass, intimidate, and precipitate hate crimes. We will not stand for hate crimes or harassment and will take appropriate action if anything like this happens in Lansing."

Also, anyone that places fliers on public infrastructure, like light poles or posts will get ticketed and the fliers will be taken down.

And if the fliers are put on private property, people can be cited for trespassing.

News 10 also received a statement from the group that put out the fliers.

Jesse Ryan owns the company, Keep America American.

He said the group recently launched an "Americans First," campaign that is gaining momentum.

He told News 10's Cryss Walker, "Our goal with our fliers is to not only keep America informed about the dangers of illegal immigration, but also gives them a valid avenue to report undocumented immigrants in this country if in their own neighborhoods."

He said, "Millions of illegals from across the globe pour into this country everyday with open arms. Our tax dollars feed and houses these people with no question. Yet we have millions of homeless veterans and American citizens (mostly minorities) in our streets who deserve government assistance over any undocumented immigrant. That is where our problem lies."

This is a developing news story. WILX News 10 is working to get more details on this story, and will update the story as more information becomes available. Stay with News 10 and as we follow this situation. Refresh your page to make sure you are seeing the most current information.

"It is disappointing to see groups like Patriot Front targeting diverse areas like Lansing's Old Town district. But know...

Posted by Michigan Department of Civil Rights on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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