Lansing Curbside Yard Waste collection to begin May 4

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LANSING, MI (WILX) -- The City of Lansing said curbside collection of residential yard waste is set to begin on Monday, May 4.

The city said due to the large amount of yard waste residents have at the curbside already, collection probably will not take place on the normal collection day until crews are able to catch up.

The city said residents should still place collection items at the curbside on their regular collection day. Depending on the amount of material in a given route, the city said collection will likely be delayed up to a week or longer in some areas.

The city said drivers will be working extended schedules until normal collection schedules can be met.

The city said yard collection will only be accepted if the following requirements are met:
• Materials must be placed in paper yard waste bags. Paper bags are available at grocery stores, convenience stores, hardware and garden stores. Materials placed in plastic bags, trash/recycling carts or private waste hauler carts will not be accepted.
• Bags and bundles must weigh less than 30 pounds.
• Brush and tree trimmings must be securely bundled by string or twine, not wire.
• Branches must be less than four feet in length and two inches in diameter.

The city also said residents should not place bags or bundles in the roadway where it can impact stormwater damage drainage, parking and trash and recycling collection.

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