Lansing City Council to vote on parking changes

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LANSING, MI. (WILX) -- Lansing's City Council could vote Monday night on an ordinance that would require residents to pay a $125 fee to park on the street overnight.

Lansing's City Council could vote tonight on an ordinance that would require residents to pay a $125 fee to park on the street overnight.

As it stands right now, if you park on a Lansing street overnight, chances are you'll get a ticket.

If this new ordinance is approved, that could change.

The fee for that parking permit has a big concern for a lot of people.

β€œIt's inequitable to struggling families who are working hard to survive," said Brandon Betz, an incoming city councilman.

"Sometimes it's more convenient to park on the street, so I park out here," said David Ruark, a Lansing resident. "For some people, that could be a big stretch, especially if they don't have a driveway and they need a place to park."

And in residential Lansing, lots of homeowners don't have another option.

"It's a lot of skinny driveways with small garages, and often with multiple tenants and multiple vehicles there," said City Councilman Brian Jackson.

"And those people usually have less income," said Betz.

The proposed permit would cost $125 a year – not something everyone can necessarily afford.

"That's just money coming out of their pocket that would otherwise go to rent, food or clothes," said Betz.

The permit is only available to people that show a need to park on the street.

But as the potential ordinance stands, if you apply for a parking permit and are denied, you're out of luck.

"I would like to see the residents have an opportunity to appeal if they feel they're in need and it's deemed that they're not,” said Jackson.

Betz says the city is rushing into a decision that he believes will hurt more people than it will help.

"I feel like we should be able to actually spend some time talking about equitable solutions as opposed to these one size fits all solutions that don't work well for our city."

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