Lansing City Council passes recreational marijuana ordinance

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LANSING, MI (WILX) -- Lansing City Council amended an ordinance allowing marijuana social clubs and recreational marijuana shops to do business in the city.'

However, the vote came with opposition from two council members.

"It is now the ninth hour, this is something that has to be passed," said Lansing City Council President Carol Wood.

Four different types of recreational marijuana licenses will be allowed in the city.

Marihuana retailers, processors, micro-businesses and designated consumption locations are now legal.

The maximum number of retailers and provisioning centers caps at 28.
Micro-businesses and consumption shops are limited to one per ward.

"We've got to get something passed. We've got to get something on the books," said Councilmember Jody Washington.

"This constant bickering over every little piece is not doing us well in the city at all."

The measure passed six-to-two with opposition from council-members Brian Jackson and Kathie Dunbar, widely over social equity language.

"To give local residents some preference. To give people with convicted marijuana crimes in the past some preference and to give people in the industry as care givers some preference," Jackson said.

"We are artificially influencing the market in a way I think also subjects us to lawsuits more so than it would be if we were to give preference to Lansing residents," Dunbar said.

Supporting council-members added that although the ordinance is far from perfect, it's the best balanced option that can be modified in the future.

Council President Wood said the ordinance vote needed to pass Monday night to be in effect by the state's Nov. 1st deadline.

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