Laingsburg files appeal after controversial "basket"

 The Laingsburg Wolfpack lost to Potterville 68-67 on Tuesday, January 7th. They say they should have won 67-66.
The Laingsburg Wolfpack lost to Potterville 68-67 on Tuesday, January 7th. They say they should have won 67-66. (WILX)
Published: Jan. 16, 2020 at 6:27 PM EST
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The Potterville Vikings had a 15-point lead over the Laingsburg Wolfpack with just over three minutes left in the third quarter.

But a score change turned into a one-point loss for the Wolfpack.

"There was a dispute on Potterville's score, and this was the part we disputed," said Wolfpack Head Coach Daniel Morrill.

During a Potterville possession, the scoreboard can be seen changing from 45 to 47 points, even though no basket was scored.

Morrill says they tried to dispute the score at the end of the quarter.

"Our score-keeper was very firm that we were correct, and their scorekeeper was equally firm that she was correct," Morrill said.

After the game, the Laingsburg Athletic Department sent a four-page appeal to the Central Michigan Activities Conference as well as the Michigan High School Athletic Association.

It says the Potterville scorekeeper claimed the points were added because "#14 made a wide-open layup..."

"We were able to go back and see that what she was saying had occurred had not occurred," said Morrill.

shows #14 from Potterville was not even on the floor at the time the points were added.

The MHSAA agrees it could have a big impact on how things play out in the postseason but at this point, there's nothing the organization can do.

"As soon as the officials have signed off and left the floor, that's the result," said Geoff Kimmerly. "Within their league, they can decide to do whatever they want to in terms of league standings and things of that nature, but it's something we'd at least like to help."

Morrill says he hopes there can be another way to look at scoring disputes

"At the NCAA level, they have registered officials keep the books for a reason, I think, and I don't know if that's something the MHSAA would be willing to look at, or if that's a change that can occur, but what I do know is that it cost us the game."

If that game was won by Laingsburg, they'd be in first place in their conference.

Potterville declined to be interviewed, but sent a statement that said:

"The officials in charge that night had the jurisdiction, looked at the evidence and made a decision. We are standing by the officials and that decision. We are aware of the fact that Laingsburg has contacted the MHSAA and if they agree to look into it and change the outcome, we will accept that. We do know, however, that the MHSAA does not take protests so we do not anticipate that. We feel that this was not our decision at the time and is not our decision now. The decision was made by the officials in charge of the game that night. The officials acted inline with their training and according to the MHSAA’s rules and guidelines. We are standing by them." Copyright 2020 WILX. All rights reserved.

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