UPDATE: Brazil ends tests done in MI lab on dogs

 Thirty-six beagles were fed chemicals from a lab back in March. (Source: WILX).
Thirty-six beagles were fed chemicals from a lab back in March. (Source: WILX). (WILX)
Published: Aug. 2, 2019 at 3:43 PM EDT
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The Humane Society recently conducted an undercover investigation at a lab in Van Buren County, after it was found that more than 30 beagles were undergoing the one-year test for a pesticide sold in Brazil.

The test was officially required in Brazil, but now the country has just announced changes to its requirements for animal testing.

Brazil will eliminate the requirement for the controversial one-year toxicity test conducted on dogs. This change will spare the lives of tens of thousands of animals used each year for pesticide testing.

U.S. law requires testing for 90-days, but the lab was doing it for products sold in Brazil,

The Michigan Humane Society shot undercover video at the "Charles River Lab" in Mattawan.

Investigators say 36 beagles were fed chemicals up to four times a day.

They say the dogs were scheduled to be put down in July.

However, Dow DuPont ended the testing sooner after the story broke in

and the Humane Society placed the dogs in homes.

Dow says it's working to find alternatives to animal testing, but they said that until then, it will keep its use of animal testing to an absolute minimum.

There are no allegations that Dow or anyone at the lab broke any laws.

The FDA often requests companies to test products on dogs and other animals to make sure they aren't dangerous to humans.

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