Check Michigan's Sex Offender Registry before Trick-or-Treating tonight

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - As fun as Halloween is for the kids, it can be scary for the parents. Some parents share concerns that their child might be knocking on the door of a sex offender.

One way to keep that from happening is by checking the Michigan Sex Offender Registry before your kids go out trick or treating.
There are thousands of people in the registry and you can find them by clicking on the link provided and then searching by your neighborhood or typing in the zip code.

Thousands of sex offenders are on the list. The State of Michigan requires registered offenders to update their address in the registry within three days of moving to a new home.

In addition to the sex offender registry, there are also apps like 'AlertId' that alerts parents to dangers in the community. "Whether it's crime, sex offender alerts, alerts of neighborhood discussions and alerts of suspicious activities so you'll be able to see what dangers are currently there, but you'll also be able to receive alerts...when a crime happens, when a burglary happens or a sex offender moves into the area," said creator Keli Wilson.

Sex Offender Registry: