Ex-MSU coach now working at Twistars

Published: Aug. 25, 2017 at 5:53 PM EDT
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News 10 has confirmed that the MSU gymnastics coach who resigned during the Larry Nassar investigation is now working at Twistars.

Kathy Klages stepped down after MSU suspended her. The suspension came down after gymnasts claimed Klages defended Nassar and discouraged them from reporting his conduct.

Sources say that Klages is filling in during an employee's absence, and it's possible that it's just short term.

The owner of Twistars gym John Geddert is on vacation abroad.

Some people involved in the Nassar case are outraged to learn about the situation including Jamie White. White is an attorney representing several of Nassar's accusers.

"It sends a message to the victims and it's a huge slap in their face as far as Mr. Geddert is concerned," said White. "Regardless of Ms. Klages ultimate finding of guilt or innocence or involvement in this matter, to bring her back into an institution filled with kids where she's being accused of covering up or not reporting abuse of minors over the course of 20 years is very frightening."

It's unknown what impact this will on civil cases involving Klages, Nassar, and Twistars.