Kids receive free haircuts from local stylists with big hearts

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Eaton Rapids, MI (WILX) -- Kids in kindergarten through twelfth grade were able to get their hair cut for free by a group of hair stylist motivated by a good cause.

Local hairstylists saw a post on a "wants and needs" page asking for haircuts, the stylists saw an opportunity to help the community.

That simple post sparked a shared passion in local stylists to start an event called "heartfelt haircuts" in Eaton Rapids.

"Just to be able to give back to these families in need and just let them know we appreciate them and, maybe if it helps it make their budget go a little further for the week then I think it's been a good thing," Jennifer Graham, a volunteer said.

Around 20 kids will be showing off their new haircuts at school on Tuesday, after the holiday, and families were able to receive this service for free.

Organizers of the event want to do this in another "heartfelt haircut" in four months when schools gets out.

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