Kids holiday shop with police and military

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DEWITT, Mich. (WILX)- As a kid, waking up early in the morning to go shopping doesn't seem like a lot of fun. But it is when you have a chance to ride in a police car or even a fire truck to come out and pick out some of your favorite toys for your friends and family.

Kids told News 10's Alani Letang that it's all worth it.

"I got nervous at first since I didn't really know them. But it turned out to be really, really fun," said Rebekah O'Byrne, shopped with a hero.

Kids said they were nervous but excited as dozens of them raced through aisles with their new officer buddies, dropping in gift after gift into their baskets.

"My experience was great. I actually liked coming here and buying my family presents. And I think it's going to be a great holiday," said Lamarr Johnson, shopped with a hero.

Meijer gave each kid a $100 to spend on gifts for themselves, family and friends.

That giving gesture was much appreciated.

"Obviously he's never been given the chance to go into Meijer and pick out whatever he wants. It was definitely different for him. He doesn't have the concept of a dollar down but we had a hard time spending all the money that was so graciously donated to the kids," said Melanie McIntosh, who's grandson shopped with a hero.

And given to them by a company that one employee tells me she's proud to work for.

"I've seen such excitement here when they can buy something. They even get more excited when they can buy something for their family than they do themselves," said Paula Stott, a Meijer employee for 25 years.

"Brings joy to them, brings joy to us that we were able to team with Meijer," said DeWitt Fire Department Chief Dave DeKorte.

Once kids get their hot chocolate, they are going to have a chance to go back to the DeWitt Fire Station and wrap their gifts for their friends and family.