Kentucky Senator greets WWII veterans in DC

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- They rolled in to the WWII memorial with a hero’s welcome.

“I’m finding out that people appreciated you more than I ever thought of,” one WWII veteran said.

One of the people who gave their appreciation was Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). He was there to greet the veterans as they came in to the memorial.

“We’re a big military family and we’re proud of the men and women who serve our country,” Rand said.

Each veteran had his or her own story to share with the senator. Veterans like 91-year-old Doug Schrader of Louisville, KY. Schrader was a prisoner of war for 15 months during WWII. He was captured just 7 days into the Battle of Anzio. Now he’s seeing for the first time the memorial dedicated to those who didn’t make it home from the war.

“You see so many people, it’s wonderful,” Schrader added.

The visit brought back a lot of personal memories for the veterans. Memories they can share with the younger generation in their family.

Therese Matthews of Lexington, KY organized the trip for her dad and got to share the moment with him.

“It’s something we wanted to bring Dad to for a long time,” Matthews said.

For another family, four generations strong, made the trip together.

“We’re honored to have a WWII veteran in our family. He’s a hero.”

And it’s here that their story lives on.

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