Keep your pets safe this holiday

Published: Dec. 21, 2018 at 8:51 AM EST
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By now, you probably have decked the halls with boughs of holly and hung the stockings with care.

But did you give any thought to your pets as you were checking your to-do list twice?

NBC's Erika Edwards has some tips to make sure your pets remains safe during the holidays because kids aren't the only ones excited for Santa.

But with excitement can come *stress* for our four legged friends.

Dr. Kelly Baete of Baxter Veterinary Clinic said, "There's often a lot of commotion."

She says the best way to decrease the pet stress is to get them moving.

"A tired dog is usually a more quiet and happier dog."

Curious cats may be drawn to Christmas trees!

But decorations can be harmful.

Baete says, "Avoiding things like tinsel or ribbons because cats like to play with stringy things like that and sometimes they will try to eat it and that can make them very sick if they were to get into that."

Poinsettias can lead to upset stomachs if pets eat them.

If you have these holiday plants in your home, make sure they are not in a location that your pet can reach... or jump onto such as tables.

And watch where you leave Santa's cookies!

Baete said, "Definitely keep those treats up on the table and not down low like on the fireplace, or down low where they can get to it."

If they behave... maybe Santa will leave them some treats under the tree.

Remember, chocolate, depending on the type, can be toxic, even deadly to dogs. And raisins in fruitcakes can be even more toxic.

But if your pet is really stressed out - check with your vet because they may be able to prescribe a medication or supplement that could help reduce anxiety.