Jackson Hot Air Jubilee scrubs balloon launches Thursday for heat

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JACKSON, MI (WILX) -- With a Weather Authority Alert underway due to a potentially dangerous combination of heat and humidity, the organizers of Jackson's Hot Air Jubilee might have to make some drastic changes.

The Jackson Jubilee begins on Thursday, July 18, 2019 with a balloon launch.

In order for the balloons to take off, they need to have a heat differential between the air inside the balloon and the air outside of the balloon.

The hotter the air is outside, the more heat is needed inside which can become a problem.

Event spokesperson Andy Merritt said the balloon's size is also a factor.

'You can actually put too much hot air into the balloon and you can damage the envelope. They have to be careful how hot they get inside the envelope, and with a smaller balloon they would need to get it so hot to be able to get enough lift, that they can damage the balloon," Merritt said.

The hot air balloons did not launch Thursday night due to heat.

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