Jackson's Underworld serves up scares on Halloween night

Published: Oct. 31, 2017 at 10:24 PM EDT
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Everyone is entitled to one good scare on Halloween.

Anyone looking for just that can look no further than Jackson’s Underworld, now in its ninth year.

From creepy clowns, awkward and possessed stares, even desperate cries for help, they’re all just a few things you'll find in the Underworld.

“We started in tractor supply parking lot and it just keeps growing and growing,” said Lance Cuffle, owner of Jackson’s Underworld. “We’re around people having fun and I mean what better way to make a living than just being around people having fun and being happy.”

Jackson’s Underworld is housed inside a century old building with construction that started back in 1909. The building has been used for a number of things including a chemical company, tractor and tank parts, furniture store, and then finally a haunted house.

The haunted house itself is four stories tall with 115,000 square feet, where scaring is just what they do.

“If we don't scare you, we entertain you,” said Cuffle. “That's the best part about this, people come here to have fun.”

Your phobias are preyed upon in the Underworld. From arachnophobia, claustrophobia, and even disorientation, when walking the halls something is bound to give you the goosebumps.

A grated bridge takes you outside giving you a chance for fresh air.

“We just keep coming up with ideas and constantly change it because nobody wants to keep coming back for the same thing over and over,” said Cuffle.

There are many different scenes throughout Jackson Underworld, but the owner has his personal favorite.

“We call it the bidet, but we have a toilet that uses city water to splash you and it seems to be quite entertaining,” said Cuffle. “People really seem to like that, it’s covered with spray foam but it looks quite disgusting.”

Cuffle says his wife, Susan, is behind many of the different scenes.

“My wife is kind of creepy,” said Cuffle. “She has one room that's all roaches and all over the walls you’re walking on things that crunch and stuff that drops in your hair.”

Actor’s do not swear and nothing inside is satanic, making Jackson’s Underworld an all age attraction.

The makeup you’ll see is as big as the production itself. It is those finishing touches after all that make the Underworld come alive.

“We make it feel like it's your own little personal horror movie,” said Justyn Steele, an actor at Jackson’s Underworld. “It's your nightmare and your worst dreams coming true.”

Actors arrive around 4 p.m. to start getting into makeup and costume. For the actors, scaring the public gives them the biggest smile.

“It’s just the reactions and seeing them either jump or pee their pants,” said Steele. “You'll have the kids laughing at the parents thinking the kids are going to be scared but nope, the parents were mostly scared.”

Actors have many stories to tell about their interactions with guests.

“We used to have Michigan football players, six foot tall guys, drop to their knees with how scared they are,” said Steele. “They’re supposed to be these big defensive lineman and everything and they’ll drop as soon as they see a clown.”

Over time bonds strengthen the crew; committed to scaring the whatever right out of you.

“Bring an extra pair of underpants cause you're going to need ‘em,” said Steele.

Jackson’s Underworld does offers a ‘monster repellent glow stick.” When actors see the glow stick, it means they’re turn the level of scariness down a notch.

It takes approximately 45 minutes to get through the entire haunt.

A separate attraction is also open to guests called PsychoVision 3D: it is not as intense as the main haunt.

On Black Friday, for the first time, a Christmas display will open up inside the Underworld complete with gingerbread houses, massive teddy bears, even singing reindeers. It is not haunted.

Jackson’s Underworld is located at 1318 Wildwood Ave in Jackson.

for more information on the Jackson’s Underworld website.

Jackson's Underworld walk through

Walk through Jackson’s Underworld LIVE with us! WILX Clayton Cummins and WILX Alani Letang are up for the challenge.

Posted by WILX News 10 on Tuesday, October 31, 2017