Jackson doctor has license suspended for overprescribing addictive drugs

JACKSON (WILX) The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs has suspended a Jackson doctor's medical license for overprescribing controlled substances that are commonly abused.

The agency says Dr. Dana A. DeWitt was the top prescriber of carisoprodol and promethazine with codeine syrup in Jackson County last year.

According to the complaint, DeWitt prescribed 18,260 tablets of carisoprodol, 67,492 tablets of methadone, and over 40,000 mL of promethazine with codeine syrup in 2017. The complaint claims DeWitt doled out more prescriptions for promethazine with codeine syrup than the next three ranking Jackson County doctors combined.

The agency says DeWitt prescribed dangerous combinations and dosages that put his patients at greater risk of overdose death.

In one case, investigators say DeWitt prescribed 27 methadone 10 mg tablets per day to one patient, which an expert noted was "dangerous and beyond ridiculous." In another, he prescribed 450 days worth of benzphetamine to a patient over a 200 day period.

DeWitt acknowledged to investigators that he had received phone calls from family members of patients, stating concerns over his prescriptions. But he told the state he was unfamiliar with Michigan guidelines on prescribing controlled substances, as well as 'red flags' associated with drug diversion, and informed consent about the risks and benefits of pain medications.

Other claims made by LARA include:

-DeWitt failed to document patient histories and failed to obtain medical records from previous providers.
-DeWitt frequently prescribed opioids with benzodiazepines- contrary to CDC guidelines- putting his patients at greater risk of overdose.
-DeWitt's records lack evidence that he ordered tests or exams.
-His diagnoses were generally a word or two, and did not follow from any specific history.
-DeWitt did not document rationale for treatment, and failed to justify why he prescribed medications or changed dosages.

DeWitt must show he is complying with all lawful requirements within 30 days to get his license back.

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