UPDATE: Jackson City Council approves flood relief plan

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JACKSON, MI (WILX) - Jackson City Council approved a resolution at a meeting Tuesday night aimed a providing flood relief to residents.

People living near the Sparks Foundation County Park in the city of Jackson asked council members for help with their homes that have been suffering from flood damage.

People living near the park said a drainage system for a nearby lagoon has been blocked, which causes underwater flooding in the surrounding homes.

The Cascade Falls lie within the boundaries of the county park.

On Tuesday night, residents of the area asked the council to approve a joint resolution with the county.

The resolution requests the Jackson County Drain Commissioner to establish a drain consisting of the lagoon system and an outlet channel of the park.

Jeff Hovarter, Jackson County's Parks Director, says the county has not yet found the problem.

"There are many things that could cause this problem, not just the lagoon's water levels. Once we can narrow down what the probable cause or causes are, then we can put an action plan together," said Hovarter.

Residents in the area say the constant flood damage to the homes in the neighborhood is causing their homes to lose value.

This leaves many in the area wanting to sell.

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