The Center for Family Health scrambles to find PPE

Center for Family Health asking for community members to donate protective equipment.
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JACKSON, MI (WILX) The Center for Family Health in Jackson has been helping its community for 30 years.

Now, they're asking for the community to help them.

"The community has been a large part of the way we operate and today we are looking for more community support to donate those masks and gloves to support this pandemic but also to support our staff and community members," Terry Langston, Director of Communications and Advocacy at Center for Family Health said.

Terry Langston has been serving Jackson for six of those 30 years and says he's never experienced anything like this.

"It's certainly a crisis we've never seen before," Langston said.

He says the center is always well equipped to deal with patients -no matter what they come in for, but this time supplies are running extremely low.

"I think this pandemic has certainly caused a reexamination of our supplies," he said.

Langston says the facility has enough gloves right now, but like most places- they're in need of protective masks.

He says the PPE they have in stock not only goes towards staff but also their patients.

"Another reason we're running short is that we provide our patients with masks as part of that screening process and that, of course, means in terms of supplying both staff and patients masks, that depletes the staff pretty quickly," Langston said.

Langston is also reminding people that the center for family health provides a variety of different services, including emergency dental care, women's prenatal care, and urgent care services. He says the idea behind keeping these services open is to minimize that traffic at hospitals.

"We're trying to provide that support to alleviate the emergency room at the hospital, so it's really good for folks to give us a call if they have any symptoms you can give us a call," Langston said.

Langston is urging people with any symptoms, not just COVID-19 symptoms, to contact the Center for Family Health.

He's also asking for community members who have an extra supply of masks, of any kind, to donate them to the facility.