Jackson boy sells history lessons for 25 cents

Published: Jun. 27, 2016 at 8:28 AM EDT
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This isn't an ordinary lemonade stand.

Eight year old Gabe Fulmerhouser isn't offering up a cool, sweet treat this summer, the Jackson boy is selling something totally different, history.

"History is very special to the world," says Gabe.

Gabe tells me he's always loved history.

"Since I was three years old," he says.

For 25 cents, you can visit Gabe's red, white, and blue booth near the corner of Glenwood Avenue and Fourth Street in Jackson, and learn about history - all in his front yard.

For this soon to be third grader, you won't find action figures or sports gear in his hands, instead Civil War books and presidential flashcards.

From his grandfathers to his own father, Gabe's family has a history of serving this country and that's part of the reason he's so patriotic.

His mom says she has a special hope for this booth.

"One of his things that he loves to do is to have veterans, talk to veterans, so my hope would even be that veterans come over and are able to share war stories with him," says mom Lesli Fulmerhouser.

This little history buff has big goals, someday to be in the marines, and to donate the money he makes on this booth to veterans, cancer patients or a church.

"Not only for money to give people knowledge, not only for knowledge, just to change the world," says Gabe.

Gabe says he'll be set up all summer long at the stand he built with his dad.