Jackson Career Center allows students to test out their dream jobs

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JACKSON, Mich. (WILX) - On this edition of Schools Rule students' dream jobs are in the spotlight. News 10 introduces you to students and teachers in Jackson who explain how a special program and career center there is setting students up for lifelong success.

"Freshman year my mom got pregnant and we weren't expecting a baby," said Gabrielle Sargeant, a student in Jackson. "She was talking to the ultrasound technician that she had, and I realized I really want to do that."

That surprise and what came next sparked Gabrielle Sargeant's love for medical science. Sargeant and her peers are a part of a self-motivated and determined group of students spending part of their school day at the Jackson Career Center, training for their futures. 
"My favorite part about here is that everyone is here for their future," said Sargeant. "I'm not the only one working hard, and since we're all working hard, it kind of pushes everyone to be better."

"A team of Career Center staff will go out into the community and visit every 10th grader in Jackson County," said Ron Richards, a Coordinator for the Jackson Career Center. "They then talk to the students about different career paths and different current college opportunities and different certifications they might be earning."

Richards, like many of the staff at the Jackson Career Center, has a personal connection to the community and to the center, having gone through the programs himself when he was a student.
"There's not one pathway to success," said Richards. "We can help students look at options like, 'Is college something i want to pursue?' 'Is going directly into the work force something I want to pursue?' 'What certifications do I need, and what kind of debt would i be taking on?"

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