It's time for the annual Polish treat - Paczki

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Fat Tuesday, better known as Paczki Day - is Tuesday, March 5.

Pączki are filled doughnuts with a Polish background.

The more commonly used name for these is pączki, pronounced POONCH-kee, which is the plural pronunciation for this extra big donut.

Pączki are made from richer yeast dough that is said to not collapse when you bite into it.

They are deep-fried flat dough with fruit or cream filling and are topped with a light dusting of sugar.

The traditional fruit filling is prune, but others include apricot, lemon, blueberry, raspberry and custard.

Many bakeries are working hard filling pre-orders in the hundreds and tell News 10 that ordering in advance is a good idea so they can be as fresh as possible come Tuesday.

Pączki are a specialty pastry reserved for once a year in honor of Fat Tuesday.

Fat Tuesday is known as a Catholic day of celebration, as it is the precursor to the Lenten season, and the last day to indulge in foods before the traditional 40-day period of fasting before Easter.

Polish immigrants brought those traditions with them to the United States, so places with strong Polish roots hold on to those important celebrations.