Investigation: Ford sold cars with defective transmissions

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Ford is at the center of a new investigative report that suggests the automaker knowingly sold cars with defective transmissions despite warnings from engineers.
A Detroit Free Press investigation has uncovered internal documents suggesting Ford sold Focus and Fiesta cars from 2011 to 2016 knowing the transmissions could shift out of gear and put drivers in danger.
The Free Press says instead of telling owners, Ford tried to find a fix, while injuries and complaints piled up.
Ford says it responded to problems quickly and said the challenges the transmissions faced were common.
The paper found no deaths, but 50 reports of related injuries.
Yet, despite nearly 4,400 customer complaints, the government still hasn't launched an investigation, or ordered a recall.
In April, Ford warned shareholders it could cost billions to fix the cars and potentially more in class action lawsuits.
In a statement, the company acknowledges transmission problems, but says: "while we have addressed quality problems with the transmission, vehicles in which it was installed were and remain safe."
Ford says fixing the problem has taken more time and proven to be more complex than expected.
Meanwhile, 1.5-million affected Fiestas and Focus models remain on the road.
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