Intruder uses duplicate key and breaks in

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AUSTIN, Tx. (WILX) -- A Texas woman was frightened when she woke up and spotted an intruder standing over her while she slept.

It turns out the man had walked right into her home with a key and her apartment complex is to blame.

The woman says her complex recently changed all the locks, but some tenants all had the same key allowing them to walk into anyone's home.

"He's walking to me and then he trips, and when he trips, I know I'm no longer alone. He was just standing and he just froze and he was just smiling. I remember him smiling," said Rhonda, the woman who's home was broken into.

The woman identified only as Ronda says she jumped up and ran.

She called 911, but when police arrived, the man was gone.

Officers found no sign of forced entry and that is when the woman realized her landlord had warned her about the problem with the locks. Her key worked in all the locks in the building.

The locks have since been changed, but Rhonda says she is too scared to even sleep.

Austin Police are still looking for the intruder.