Intimidating social media post worries Stockbridge parents

Published: Mar. 19, 2019 at 12:02 AM EDT
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Some parents in Stockbridge are concerned about intimidating social media posts of a man holding a gun.

School administrators say this is the same man who posted threats to the high school back in February.

Stockbridge Police Chief John Torres says his department was contacted after people in the community saw the post and thought it posed a possible threat.

"We started the investigation, we looked at all the social media and information that was available to us at the time and determined there had not been a crime committed," said Torres.

Torres says that, although the post is startling, no direct threats were made.

The chief says the person will get treatment and evaluation for any potential health issues.

Danielle Hoard has a daughter who goes to the high school.

"I'm just in disbelief that he is still out there on social media causing an uproar, not only in our community, within our children," Hoard said.

She says she isn't taking any chances.

"I called the school and told them that I was going to come get (my children) and pull them out. There were a couple of other people that pulled their kids out," Hoard said.

Hoard says schools and law enforcement do a good job protecting students, but the thought of a possible shooting at the school scares her.

"It just takes one minute, one flaw for someone to leak through and something bad could happen and it's terrifying," she said.

Her daughter also said she felt threatened after seeing the post.

"I have seen things on the news about things that have happened at other schools. All the people that have lost their lives, and that scares me," said student Olyvia Hoard.

Torres says that despite rumors, school was never canceled or went into lockdown over any intimidating social media posts.

In a letter to parents, Stockbridge Superintendent Karl Heidrich says the district will continue to monitor the buildings and all exterior doors will remain locked.